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The Idea

Like many developers I want to build something great that makes money while I sleep.  Scale and complexity are no issue (e.g. my day job is a web architect at a high school sports media company) all I need is “the idea”!  I’ve tried a web calendar pre google calendar but google beat us to the punch.  I’ve considered an online forum that was light years above the competition, but recently found the best developer forum I’ve seen to date. It’s really a way to ask questions and get answers but it uses social voting to bubble up answers and tags to find it.

This is my first post so it’s brief, deal with it!



3 thoughts on “The Idea

  1. Hi Phil,

    I have an idea but can’t figure out a way to commercialize it without getting sued by everybody and their brother. The only way I can see it working is by releasing it as open source. OK here it is:

    There are tons of news sites. They all wrap a tiny bit of news text inside of ten tons of advertising. They make you hit next page over and over again just to read a very short article so they can cram even more ads down your throat.

    I want to create a browser plug-in that is smart enough to read any news site page, figure out what it the real news item, and just display that. It would also re-assemble the chunks of the article from the next pages and pull them back into one article and display it full page width. No formatting, just pure text!

    It could discard all images, who needs them. This could be the hottest FireFox plug-in and would be a cheap and easy way to get a lot of publicity and good will (ok good will from the reader community and daggers from the publishers and advertisers).

    Best regards,

    Posted by Charles DeRosa | April 17, 2009, 10:09 am
  2. The content that you enjoy on news sites cannot be made available without ad revenue. No ads = no news.

    Posted by Rich | July 13, 2009, 9:17 pm

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