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Morning Sickness produces smarter babies

My wife is now pregnant with our first child and she’s had terrible morning sickness.  In fact the word “morning” in the ailments name is very deceiving.  For the first 3 months or so she was throwing up all day.  Some days more than 20 times.

We’ve since met with a risk specialist that’s helped us treat the nausea with Zofran.  She where’s a pump that injects the medicine subcutaneously.  It’s helped a ton and makes sticking her with needles every other day worth it.

Today I ran across perhaps some silver lining!  A study by a Canadian drug company reveals that women with morning sickness had children that scored higher on IQ tests between ages 3 and 7.  The doctors have always said that it’s a sign of a healthy pregnancy and perhaps this is a symptom!



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