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Linq2Sql isn’t dead ….

I’ve been sluggin it out w/ Entity Framework 4.0 for the past month or so.  I’ve successfully used Linq2Sql in the past and really enjoyed it.  However when Mike Hans and I started this project (Folios.com) we decided to go with EF based on the fact that Linq2Sql seemed to be on it’s way out

We also really liked that EF was moving toward a direction that allowed for testing and the ability to mock the context object (it implemented an interface)

In the past I’ve used stored procedures with multiple result sets for gnarly tasks that seemed better suited in TSQL.  Linq2Sql allowed for stored procs with linq2sql

It does appear that EF has an extension library that will allow for this.

Today during this search I come across this article that states Linq2Sql may not be dead after all.

I agree with everything this post says.  I keep finding myself asking why don’t we go back to Linq2Sql … maybe just for calling stored procedures.

Please comment with your thoughts and let me know what you’ve experienced and recommend.



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