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Google Instant Sneaked up on us!

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Note: Evidently Snuck isn’t a real word and we Americans should stop using it.

Google Instant was released recently and certainly changes the way I perceive search.  Seemingly Google sees this as the path going forward and that in the not so distant future “we’ll look back and wonder how search was ever any other way“.  Personally I like the ability to use the down arrow to check what the other suggested search terms provide as results.  It also makes the site feel more lively and fresh.  Oh and it’s the same great search results.

I wonder however how many Google users are even seeing the Google home page?  So many of my colleagues claim to use Google toolbar from their favorite browser.  Or their using Google Chrome‘s omnibox to search from the same place as you’d normally type an address.  Will Google integrate instant search with their browser?  At this point I don’t see this making them more revenue based sheerly on more searches due to 5 to 7 times the searches.  However if this feature, if I can call it that, helps to curb attrition to the likes of Bing and Yahoo and even helps to capture back 1% of market share recently lost it could be a huge win for them.

Perhaps the average user will perform more searches because it’s faster to do so.  I’m curious to know how this effects Google’s monetization per search.  The NFL’s opening game is tonight and I’d be smitten not to mention my boys the Washington Redskins!  I tested typing ‘Washington Redskins” using instant search it performs 2 where it would have normally waited for my return key to be pressed and performed 1.  One search kicked off as I typed for ‘Washington Post’ which is seemingly the highest rated suggestion and then another for ‘Washington Redskins’.  I wasn’t even interested in the WP and so any results or ads that surfaced their were no good to me.  Whamo does this instantly (pun intended) lower the current CPM that folks are paying Google?  Perhaps the results page is only operating as a CPC generator and their is no worry here.

The modern man (and woman) wants it all we want it now!  Perhaps instant is just what the search doctor ordered.  If this helps to allow even more of the best sites and content rise to the top.  I’m all for it!


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2 thoughts on “Google Instant Sneaked up on us!

  1. 3 seconds is the magic number – if a person is typing and stops mid stream, then once they’ve paused 3 seconds, Google will count the ads that display (along with the organic listings) as actual impressions.

    Posted by Andrew Jensen | September 20, 2010, 10:35 am
  2. Seems like a pretty good way to get more ad impressions!

    Posted by philstrong | October 19, 2010, 5:17 pm

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