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Visual Studio 2010 Current Theme and Shortcuts

I’d like to start with “I love Visual Studio.” – notice the period!  Without a doubt it’s the best IDE on the planet when it comes to fit and finish.  I don’t really want to argue about how it can’t work with java and [your favorite lang / platform here].  I’m not putting this up for discussion but I also use TextMate, Eclipse, and Notepad.  Most of the time lately I’m doing Asp.Net MVC development which of course includes class libraries as well.  I’m also integrating Razor view engine as MS has recently made it usable in the MVC 3  beta.  I’m still a bit unsure why the only public page MS is supporting for this view engine is on Scott Gu’s blog

There are a couple tweaks I can recommend and so as much to remind myself as to inform others here they are.

On install I typically choose the default environment settings even through I’m 90% doing c# dev (web and software).  I find it to be more balanced than the other choices.

Common Shortcuts (needed)

Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard

Visual C# – to start off with

I’ve added the following changes:

  1. File.Close – ctrl + w (similar to how modern browsers close tabs)
  2. FindinSolutionExplorer – ctrl + alt + l (Locate the file in your solution explorer)
    1. Edit: above didn’t work after uninstalling an extension or something so I’ve resorted to adding a macro (works quite the same)


I can’t stand the solution explorer jumping around as I switch from file to file so …

Tools -> Options ->Project Solutions -> General : unchecked track active item in Solution Explorer (see ctrl + alt +l in shortcuts)

Theme aka fonts and colors for editor

Currently I’m using http://studiostyl.es/schemes/bespin

In the past I’ve used http://studiostyl.es/schemes/wekeroad-ink

You can find tons of themes for visual studio at http://studiostyl.es/



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